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"The Future Energy System"

When? 21 Feb 2023


Where? Omega hall, universiteplan 1,

Mälardalen University, Västerås


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Call: 0734 369450


Technion Sweden

The Swedish Technion Society - STS is the swedish organisation promoting education, science and technology through the support of the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology.

Technion is Israel's leading centre of scientific and high tech research which is one of the world's most prestigious technological institutes. Technion institutes plays a vital role in every aspect of Israel's life and go beyond the world arena. The developments are från hi-tech development to medical research and defence. More than 80 percent of Israel's engineers are trained at the Technion.

The Swedish Technion Society - STS registered as a charity plays one of a number of societies around the world whose function is to raise funds for the Technion and promote many activites to