21 FEB 2023

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Nestibulum lareo

Welcome to STS


"The Future Energy System"

When? 21 Feb 2023


Where? Omega hall, universiteplan 1,

Mälardalen University, Västerås


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Call: 0734 369450



Please make a gift to the Technion.

We beieve in the power of Technion ideas and innovations - please make more of them possible. Make a gift to the Technion today and support the revolutionary, inspiring research and education that benefits the State of Israel and improve the world.

Technion Sweden : Pg 34 31 27-7

Technion Sweden

The Swedish Technion Society - STS is the swedish organisation promoting education, science and technology through the support of the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology.

Technion is Israel's leading centre of scientific and high tech research which is one of the world's most prestigious technological institutes. Technion institutes plays a vital role in every aspect of Israel's life and go beyond the world arena. The developments are från hi-tech development to medical research and defence. More than 80 percent of Israel's engineers are trained at the Technion.

The Swedish Technion Society - STS registered as a charity plays one of a number of societies around the world whose function is to raise funds for the Technion and promote many activites to improve the world. 

Over the years, STS has supported the Technion to extend the innovation and new great benefit research to Swdish people.

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Stefan Sturesson

0734 3694 50