The Swedish Technion Society (STS) is one of a number of societies around the world whose function is to raise funds for the Technion and promote awareness of its many activities.

In short, the main objectives of STS are:

To promote public awareness and knowledge of the Technion.
To foster academic and scientific exchange between Sweden and Israel.
To aid the Technion in its future development through assessment and funding of its current needs and forthcoming projects.
The Swedish Technion Society was founded on September 2002 by initiative of Dr. Per-Olof Gutman. Nowadays there are 36 members and is based in Västerås.

The STS board is composed by the followin people:

Stefan Sturesson
Jozef Stern
Tommy Klatzkow
Ewa Ekwall
Evert Jonsson
Per-Olof Gutman
Anders Lindquist